Tips and Tricks to Purchasing a Cuckoo Clock

Purchasing a Cuckoo Clock
Purchasing a Cuckoo Clock

Tip #1
In the cuckoo clock industry, certification is important. If you want an authentic, professional, Black Forest clock, look for the Verein der Schwarzwalduhren, or “VDS” symbol on the merchant’s website. This means your cuckoo clock is a high-quality piece from a genuine, Black Forest clock-maker. It also means that your clock is purely mechanical, and that all of its parts have been produced in the Black Forest.

Tip #2
Due to the increased level of detail and labor, larger clocks will cost more than smaller clocks.

Tip #3
Cuckoo clocks have a number of different tones, each of which produces a musical note. The more tones it has, the more complex the cuckoo clock’s song will be. Clocks with a higher number of tones will be more expensive than those with a lower number. Keep in mind that lower-end clocks have 18 tones, while more expensive clocks have 36.

Tip #4
The number of melodies a clock plays also factors into the price. Expensive clocks have multiple melodies and folk songs, while cheaper clocks have a more limited selection.

Tip #5
Examine the hand-made carvings. If there are a large number of exquisitely detailed carvings on a clock, it will obviously cost more than a less-detailed clock. The price will similarly increase depending on the number of hand-painted figurines.

Tip #6
The more moving parts a clock has, the more expensive it will be. If the figurines are dancing, chopping wood, or drinking beer, it will significantly increase the price.

Tip #7
Understand the difference between clocks with an 8-Day movement and a 1-Day movement. Since clocks with an 8-Day movement only have to be wound once per week, they’re slightly more expensive than 1-Day movement clocks, which must be wound daily.

Tip #8
Nobody likes to lose sleep over their cuckoo clock. Unfortunately, installing a night shut-off switch can require significantly more labour for the clock manufacturer. If you plan on placing your cuckoo clock close to a bedroom, factor in the additional cost of a shut-off switch. Whether the shut off switch is manual or automatic also affects the price.

Tip #9
Pay attention to a cuckoo clock’s warranty policy. Most original Black Forest cuckoo clocks are made with a great attention to detail, and are far less likely to break. However, cheaper clocks have many movable parts which can easily break, especially in transport. A one or two-year warranty is fairly standard in the cuckoo clock industry. Don’t forget to keep your original cuckoo box in case you need to ship it back.

Tip #10
While cuckoo clocks do not require a lot of maintenance, most manufacturers will recommend you take it to a professional clockmaker once every 3-5 years in order for it to be cleaned and oiled. Aside from that, cuckoo clocks have no additional operating costs.

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