The Largest Cuckoo Clocks in the World - Part 2

Largest Cuckoo Clocks
Largest Cuckoo Clocks

The Italian ski-resort town of Canazei has one of the world’s largest cuckoo clocks. Built by a local goldsmith and clockmaker, the cuckoo clock serves as a shrine to its home city. Its creator wanted it to stand as a testament to the financial and cultural success of Canazei.  In fact, there is much historical significance behind the clock. The main bell is inscribed with the crest of the city, while other, smaller bells are dedicated to important families from the surrounding area. Unfortunately, the cuckoo clock in Canazei is the only one of its kind in Italy.

Not known for their cuckoo clock-making abilities, the Russians have nevertheless crafted one of the world’s tallest cuckoo clocks. One of the major attractions of the small city of Penza is its clock, which stands proudly in the center of town. While the history behind the monument is unclear, it is without a doubt the largest cuckoo clock in Russia.

The United States
The city of Wilmot, Ohio is famous for its cuckoo clock, which it claims is the world’s largest. The clock measures 23 feet tall, and 24 feet wide, and is listed by Guinness World Records as being the World’s Largest cuckoo clock. It was built to bring publicity to a nearby restaurant, which was owned by a Swiss Cheesemaker and his wife. Unfortunately, the restaurant is no longer in use, and the cuckoo clock has been moved to an empty lot. While plans are in place to restore the clock, it will require a significant amount of time and money. Nevertheless, it is regarded as the largest cuckoo clock in the United States.

Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, German immigrants traveled far and wide. Some of them settled in the quiet town of Kimberly, British Columbia, Canada. As a testament to their German heritage, several of the immigrants banded together to create one of the world’s largest cuckoo clocks. The clock is 6.7 meters high and approximately 4 meters wide, and is officially the largest free-standing cuckoo clock in North America.

The highlight of Kimberly’s clock is “Happy Hans” – the city’s drunken, yodeling mascot. Once an hour, Hans comes out and greets tourists. Or, if you don’t feel like waiting, you can put in a quarter to make the clock come to life. Unfortunately, the clock is in need of repairs – after 38 years, the harsh Canadian winters have taken a toll on the monument.

Our world has an astonishing number of oversized cuckoo clocks. While these clocks are found in places around the world, they can almost always be traced back to a few proud, German immigrants. As unorthodox as a cuckoo clock may look, it is also an international symbol of German pride.

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