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Cuckoo Clocks
Cuckoo Clocks

Contrary to what you might think, the world’s largest cuckoo clocks are not all located in Germany. Instead, they are scattered throughout Argentina, Russia, Italy, and the United States.


The city of Eduardo Castex, in Argentina, has a cuckoo clock that stands five meters high and seven feet wide. With those dimensions, many see it as the world’s largest. The clock has a standard, chapel-type design, and has become a magnet for tourists to the region.

The nearby city of La Cumbrecita has its own gigantic cuckoo clock. Although not as big as the one in Eduardo Castex, the so called “Gambrinus Haus” has its own unique charms. It is named after a famous Spanish musical called “The Legend of Gambrinus.” Every 30 minutes, a massive cuckoo emerges, along with the characters from that musical. 

Next, we have the city of La Falda. Designed by a local watchmaker, the cuckoo clock in this city towers over the horizon. Today, it serves as a meeting place for both tourists and graduate students.

Our final stop in Argentina is in the city of Villa Carlos Paz, which is home to the second oldest giant cuckoo clock in the world. At the time of its creation, it was the largest in the world. It stands 7m high, and uses massive, 120kg weights. The cuckoo is released every half hour to the deafening sound of a gong.


German is undoubtedly the hub of gigantic cuckoo clocks. Featuring some of the largest clocks in the world, it has a rich history of clock manufacturing. In Hornberger Uhrenspiele, the cuckoo clock has an astonishing twenty-one moving figures, and is regarded by Guinness World Records as the widest cuckoo clock in the world.

The world’s first biggest cuckoo clock can be found in Schonach. The clock took over two years to build, and is designed on a scale of 50:1. Built in the heart of the Black Forest, the Schonach cuckoo clock is an essential part of German history.

The world’s official largest cuckoo clock is in Uhren-Park, in Triberg. Built on a scale of 60:1, the clock stands over 4.5m tall, with the cuckoo alone weighing approximately 150kg! Visit the nearby gift shop to see all sorts of weird and wonderful cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest.

Moving out of the Black Forest, gigantic cuckoo clocks can be found in others parts of Germany like Wiesbaden, Gernrode, and Sankt Goar. While Wiesbaden was originally the world’s largest cuckoo clock, it has since been surpassed by numerous other clocks.

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