Restoring Cuckoo Clocks to Great Working Condition

Despite the availability of more modern designs, many individuals, particularly collectors and enthusiasts alike, greatly prefer cuckoo clocks that are designed in a classical way. Classical clocks are more preferred because of their novel designs that are simply favored by many because, more often than not, having one can be a great  conversational piece when placed on the living room wall. However, as time passes, a trying to find a cuckoo clock gets harder and harder, even broken down ones. If you recently found a busted cuckoo clock in your grandparents attic, you can easily make that thing cuckoo again in no time.

Examine the case and look for any external problems. More often than not, these problems with the designs and decorations cannot be fixed on your own and should simply be replaced. Observe the train-weight chain. If the chain is getting snagged at the hole, try drilling a bigger one. Old wood tends to warp, making it possible that the chain will snag onto the old hole. By doing this, you are preventing the chain from messing up the mechanisms of cuckoo clocks.

Try pulling the chain with a gentle manner, and wait if it makes a clicking sound. This is to check if the chain is on the sprocket. If there is no clicking sound. You will need to put back the train-weight chain back to the sprocket by taking off the back of the cuckoo clock. Be sure to keep all screws in check so that you will not lose any of them. Loop the chain into the sprocket, and make sure that it is the correct one.

The bellows located inside cuckoo clocks are the ones responsible for creating the cuckoo sound. No matter where it is made, these bellows are standard when it comes to a cuckoo clock. If it does not create any sound, or if the sound is weak on your part when you place a finger on the bellows, replace them immediately. Locate the night shutoff switch. This might be the reason as to why it is not working, so make sure that this is properly set. More often than not, this gets caught mid-way, making the clock unable to work.

If the cuckoo clock is running, make sure that it is set in the right time. If the time is too slow, move the weight up. If it is too fast, move it down. This part might take some time, but after doing this, your cuckoo clock will be in great working order. In the end, fully restored cuckoo clocks will be great addition to any home, even yours.

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