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The cuckoo clock has always been a favorite souvenir among travelers in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. It is prized for its elegant wooden case that is carved with forest and folk scenes. As a product of the most prestigious areas in clock and watch-making, it immediately became popular for its intricate carvings, charming cuckoo birds, and melodic cuckoo calls. Some cuckoo clocks also have a parade of forest creatures, townspeople, and other animals that will celebrate the passing of every hour by circling through small trap doors.

The birth of modern cuckoo clocks

Today, the cuckoo clock has become the most popular type of ornamental clock because of its functional and decorative nature. Whenever the tiny bird emerges out of the door to call out the passing of an hour, the two small pipes attached to the miniature bird starts to bellow to make a distinctive call. Their set of bellows and pipes were also mounted on either sides of the clock with their slots cut through a small wooden frame opposite the vents of the bellow to give way to the sound.

Inside the clocks, a set of fine brass clockworks are utilized to facilitate precise timekeeping functions. Its two weights are also shaped like pine cones that usually dangle from the ends of chains and pendulums tipped with carvings of leaves. This feature adds to their traditional appearance but they still remain as modern, spring-driven cuckoo clocks.

Designs of contemporary clocks

The production of the cuckoo clock is inspired by a set of contemporary styles. As modern timekeepers, they were eventually characterized by their schematic, minimalist, and functional features. Emerging trends in the production of these clocks turned them into objects of designs, wherein the talent and creativity of particular designers were freely expressed.

In the heart of Europe, cuckoo clocks are still the most sought-after souvenirs because of their aim to represent the tradition of cuckoo clock making. As highly prized antiques, these hand-crafted collectibles are usually bought by collectors. Some of them are also outfitted with electronics and quartz movements, but their handcrafted designs still make them stand out for their rustic charm. The cuckoo clock will always be a prized possession to those who appreciate the evolution of exquisite craftsmanship.

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Cuckoo Clocks

Cuckoo Clocks - Classic and Classy

Cuckoo clocks are just one of the most classical pieces you can have at home. These kinds of clocks are iconic, since you have seen the, on almost every old school cartoon you watched before. As a kid, it was your dream to have one of those amazing cuckoo clocks in your home, even if your mother did not really approve of it. Now that you are older, you can now buy your own clock.

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Cuckoo Clock Museums

Cuckoo Clock Museums

There is only one museum in the world that is entirely dedicated to cuckoo clocks. It’s called Cuckooland Museum, and it is located in Tabley, Cheshire in the United Kingdom.

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Modern Cuckoo Clock

Setup and Operation of a Modern Cuckoo Clock

Modern, weight-driven Cuckoo clocks must be set up a certain way. Read on to discover how to prepare, operate, and adjust your modern cuckoo clock.

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Repair Your Cuckoo Clock

How to Repair Your Cuckoo Clock

While cuckoo clocks require very little maintenance, older models occasionally have problems. If you want to avoid taking your clock in for expensive repairs, read our helpful guide.

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The Largest Cuckoo Clocks

The Largest Cuckoo Clocks in the World - Part 2

The largest cuckoo clocks in the world are not all found in Germany. Some can be found in places as far-ranging as Italy, Russia, the United States, and Canada.

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Cuckoo Clock Shop

Cuckoo Clock Shop
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